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Visual Identity, Website design & development


Hannah is a presentation coach, that engages her audience through storytelling and helps her clients to do the same. Based in the Pacific Northwest, she helps people uplevel their presentation skills all over the world.

The problem & Solution:

Hannah had all the images and designs in her mind's eye but was struggling to bring it all together on a website. Self-confessed stubborn, but armed with enough knowledge to be dangerous. Hannah had attempted to make her own website on Wix. The original site wasn't user friendly, the layout was inconsistent and just wasn't what she was dreaming of. Hannah was embarrassed to give her clients her website link.

Hannah needed a website where she could have sell her online coaching programs, answer all those burning questions her clients have about working with her, along with telling her story. We built a WordPress website for her, using the visual identity that I designed for her. Her website is earthy, mimicking the environment in which she loves, the mountains. Hannahs website is packed full of useful resources. We also needed to ensure that clients could get information regarding her speaking engagements and how they can book her. It was an absolute pleasure working with Hannah and she definitely sends the best U.S. care packages!



If you still need some convincing, Kate's work portfolio speaks for itself. It's crisp and well-constructed. Everything has it's place and reason for being. Her breadth of work is also extremely comforting and convincing. From restaurateurs to marketing entrepreneurs, Kate has experience with a wide variety of clients. Kate and is worth her weight in gold, or, I guess in bitcoin and crypto currency now.

Kate will make your website dreams come true, I promise. She's the person you want to work with. Investing in her design and creation services is some of the best money I've spent throughout my entire coaching career.

โ€” Hannah

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