How did becoming a mum make my biz more efficient?

Well, lets just sit down, we’ll have a chai together and I’ll tell you why motherhood has helped me to hone my skills as a business owner.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was so excited about what lay ahead, but was also a little sad about the potential loss of my first baby, my very own business that I had built up. It’s true that I was feeling trepidation and I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage running my small design studio from home whilst having my little one here with me. Like most mums-to-be, I was trying to fathom how to navigate this new role as a first time mother, whilst also keeping on top of my life in general.

I must admit it hasn’t been an easy ride, but adapting to change has definitely taught me so much. Now that my babe is two-and-a-half, I can reflect back on how I have navigated this transition from work from home business owner  to work from home mama of 1. I am so thrilled, and relieved, that this financial year has been my busiest and most successful to date, which is amazing considering I’ve dropped back from working full time to three days a week. I can totally credit this to the arrival of our sweet daughter Murphy, as I have truly learnt a lot of lessons since she arrived earth side.

Here are just some of the things her arrival has taught me:

Taking time to Hyper-focus

Working three days a week has forced me to be hyper-focused whilst I am working. I tap into my flow state of creativity with much less distraction.  No more days of endless scrolling on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. Every minute of working time is sacred and being paid for so I need to make sure I’m productive. (Although I still get to have a good ol’ Pinterest session during the research phase of my design projects… perks of the job right!) Knowing that I have limited working time, between our little girl’s routine, I have learn to plan out my days, pick my top three most important tasks that I want to achieve and get stuck right in. Motherhood certainly enables you to prioritise.  This one lesson alone has really propelled my business forward in ways I didn’t know possible. Who would have thought hey!


Setting Boundaries

Now that I have a young family to look after, I have had to set strict boundaries within my business. No more 9pm client phone calls or doing that ‘one little thing that will only take a minute (that always took hours instead) for clients right before knock off time. By setting the tone early in client communication, I have been able to ensure that all communication is kept in the one place and that I’m not caving in on my own ‘self-imposed’ boundaries.


Utilising Systems & Processes

With the limited working time that comes along with motherhood, as well as a million things on my mind, and the fact that my memory is like a sieve (due to lack of sleep most days), I have had to put some solid systems and processes in place.

I discovered Dubsado early on in my new role as mama-come-business owner and it has been an absolute game changer for me. It allows me to keep all over my business in one place. Dubsado is a Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) tool that helps me run my business effectively and professionally. I manage all of my client communication, project management, invoicing, time tracking, task lists, client onboarding, design proofing and so much more in the one place.

My favourite part of using is Dubsado is that, even though it takes a little bit to set up, it saved me so much time in the long run. I can now onboard a new design client with the click of a button. Automating welcome emails, client portal setup, welcome kits, client questionnaires, web design content upload areas, contracts and invoices, all with very minimal input.

The feedback I’ve had from my clients has been fantastic too. They love how I am able to keep them in the loop with the progress of their project and are able to find all communication in one easy to use client portal.

All the positive “feels” of Gratitude

The last lesson that has been a game changer is gratitude.

Since becoming a mama, I’ve become so very grateful for the career path that I am following. The fact that I get to use my creativity, working with incredibly supportive and understanding clients and do it all whilst working from home (in my comfies and uggs) is the very best feeling in the world and I really am grateful!

I’d love to know if you’re a working mama whose also running a kick-ass business and if you have found any of these lessons to be true? If you need an effective CRM tool like I did and you’d like to sign up to Dubsado and see if it can help make your business more efficient, use my code themudroom it’s all yours and I hope you benefit from it as much as I did.

Back to the mud room now I go…   Kate xoxo